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There are lots of benefits that await you when you incorporate yoga or Pilates into your daily life
See what some of my clients have had to say

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I've been practicing yoga for sometime now, however the attention I got and the systematic approach that I experienced with Selena made me love yoga even more. Setting achievable goals at our first practice, and working through the sessions to achieve those goals in a way that makes me feel proud of my progress after each session, is amazing.
Never two sessions are the same, there is always something new and an element of surprise, whether it is power yoga or restorative, I always feel out of this world after our session.

Alia (Yoga & Pilates Client) - Abu Dhabi

Selena is a professional yoga instructor. Her communication is great -  very easy to book and coordinate with.

I am a beginner and have been having private classes. Selena is an understanding teacher, with the patience and skills to assist when needed.

Not only is she knowledgeable but is also friendly and puts you at ease.

I would highly recommend Selena as a yoga teacher.

Mohgah (Yoga Client) - Abu Dhabi

Selena is a calm and thoughtful teacher and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every class I’ve taken with her. I leave each class feeling energised and empowered, as well as calm and restored. Selena’s really clear instruction and demonstration of poses and guidance through sequences allows you to move safely and confidently in a way that suits your body. The options Selena gives throughout the practice, allows you to feel like it’s ‘your’ practice and move with how your body feels like on that day. I would highly recommend working with Selena in both a group class and 1 to 1 private session.

I always wanted to start yoga and thankfully I found Selena!

What I like about her is that she is a very nice person and she is very patient with me. She is very professional and her voice is really soothing which helps in the practice in general and in the relaxation phase in particular . Her classes are really nice and I always look forward to them.

Before I started yoga, I thought that I will not be able to progress that far in the practice. However, when I started yoga with her, this thought soon started to fade away!


I highly recommend her and you will not regret it!

Mandy (Yoga) - UK

Sara (Yoga & Pilates Client) - Abu Dhabi

I have been training with Selena Lowe since 2020, and continued working with her during my pregnancy in 2021. I have always had lower back issues, they sometimes make me immobile, of course as you can imagine with pregnancy, the load is bigger on my back and the suffering and pain are increased.


With Selena, I had none of that as I continued my yoga practice with her, most importantly to me during my pregnancy as I hate taking medication for pain. I worked with her all throughout the duration until I delivered. I had a fast delivery and I believe that is also contributed to the moves she had taught me. Thank you Selena for understanding my body, being so gentle with my back, you made a huge difference to me.

Hind (Yoga, Pilates & Prenatal Yoga Client) -

Abu Dhabi

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